Baby it’s GOLD Outside

You ought to say YES, YES, YES to POSH gold vermeil this holiday season! Vermeil has a long and storied history, but today at POSH we use it for it’s combination of eye-catching beauty and practical durability. This plated style makes a beautiful alternative to solid gold so you can give a shining, golden gift without the any sticker shock. With so many classic vermeil styles to choose from, the gifting possibilities are endless — you simply must go vermeil!

A note about Vermeil: Everyone’s skin is as unique as the customized jewelry they wear! Because of this fact, there are some physiological and lifestyle factors to consider before purchasing Vermeil in order to make sure it’s right for you and will have a long and enduring life. Although this is a thickly plated style, certain factors can cause it to wear down over time. If your (or the gift’s recipient’s) skin is more acidic or prone to oiliness; if you tend to heavily use fragrant lotion or hairspray or other cosmetic products in the area you’d wear your jewelry, you might want to consider other options. If you’re an active type and looking for jewelry you can wear round the clock, even during your workouts, you should go for our 14k Yellow Gold products — particularly if your regular activity includes swimming or running, which can add to the wearing down of your piece.







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