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  • Kiss Me, I’m Stylish

    Could your day use a little brightening? Well you’re in luck! No Leprechaun tricks here: this St. Patrick’s Day enjoy wearing your favorite lucky charms from POSH.   Make your own tiny pot of gold (or silver!) with a trinity of classics: a wishing Star, a lucky Horseshoe, and a shining Wishbone will keep the odds in your favor.

  • Pair-fect Gifts

    Pair-fect Gifts

    Our favorite birthstone pairs! You can create your favorite pair with any pendant combination. Layering them on one chain adds new flavor to your fashion! Add any two or three pendants to your shopping cart to make the pair-fect gift! Pair a disc + tall tag, tall tag + mini tag, mini tag + charm

  • College Collections

    College Collections

    How did college come so quickly! It seemed like yesterday they were going to Kindergarten. Mark the occasion of them entering the “adult” world with a gift from POSH. If you are looking for ideas of how to incorporate your not so little kiddo’s college experience on fashionable jewelry, we have them! It’s the best

  • BTS Learning to Write

    BTS Learning to Write

    Is it back to school already?! Or maybe it’s been a long, hot summer and you can’t wait for the days to get crisp and classes to begin! We are kicking off Back to School Season with our favorite collection! The Handwriting Collection is one of a kind and made just for YOU!  

  • Famous Signatures

    Famous Signatures

    Our children have been in school for weeks now and we have subsided the tears that our babies are getting older (at least for now). This is a special time for kindergarten and preschool parents because the kiddos are learning to write their name and it’s the CUTEST THING EVER. Capture the moment in time with

  • New Thumbprint Jewelry

    Thumbs way, way up for this beautiful new addition to your POSH pieces! No two thumbprints are alike — just the same way every little is so individually special. Next to our Handwriting Collection, these new thumbprint pieces are the most sentimental necklaces you can wear. You can keep your beloved angels close to you.

  • Bar Necklace 411

    Bar Necklace 411

    Every family is different, some have two children and others have four. We have bars for every Mommy. When there is a bar that cannot engrave every name, nicknames or  initials are the way to go. No matter what, if there isn’t a bar here that meets your family names or POSH style, reach out

  • Senior SWAG

    Senior SWAG

    Can you believe it? The last high school summer, gone, in the blink of an eye! Now, there are just 2 more semesters, just a handful more exams, and a whole lot of fun in between… That’s right, your senior is so close to the finish line!   As your senior is picking out all.

  • Let it Snow…Diamonds!

    Let it Snow…Diamonds!

    You will get a sentimental feeling when you see the beauty of our Diamond Necklaces. Hug your favorite initials between a diamond heart with our Initial LOVE Necklace, encircle them with a Loop Monogram or embellish their name in white Christmas lights with a Briana Nameplate. Make these beauties your own — it’s the new old-fashioned way to rock a stunning initial!

  • NEW Stackable Rings

    How do you stack up? Now you can show off your story with style with our new POSH Stackable Rings— from initials, to a special date or location, a name, a mantra, or even your astrological sign — tell the world who you are and who you love with the flick of your fingertips.  You know we…