Back To School: Packin’ Lunch

It’s time to get packing’. For lunch that is. If we want our kids to eat healthy, we have to help them enjoy it! Making the lunches look fun to eat will (hopefully) MAKE them fun to eat!

One of my favorite finds is this puzzle sandwich cutter. How adorable does it make an ordinary PB & J? You can find this on

Meat, cheese and veggie wraps are easy to make and easy to eat. You can buy multiple meats and cheeses for wraps to last for a few lunches. This one is a turkey and bacon wrap found here.

Homemade pizza buns. YUM! Homemade, so without all the unnecessary preservatives and junk that is usually found in pizza. Recipe here.

I love LunchBots Bento Containers! They are the perfect storage for food and lunches. You can find some at LunchBots and Pottery Barn Kids offers some adorable options as well. There are stainless steel and plastic options. I love how they have little compartments for keeping food separate and there is no need for a ziploc baggies!

Chicken Parm kebabs (chicken nuggets, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese) and fruit salad in the LunchBots Duo. Marinara sauce in the LunchBots Dip.

An almond butter dipping station is perfect for on the go snackers! Almond butter in the 4 oz. LunchBots Rounds. Celery with dried cranberries, pretzels, apple slices, and graham crackers in the LunchBots Quad.

What are some of your favorite things to pack for your kids’ lunches?







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