Back to School Saving

It’s the bitter sweet time again where kids are anxiously (or miserably) awaiting the beginning of a new school year. The beginning of school doesn’t only mean a few extra hours in the day for mom and dad, but a few extra dollars spent towards education prep. The National Federation of Retailers expects that parents will spend about $600 to get their children ready for school. Let’s look at a few ways to cut the spending down this Fall!

1. Shop without the kids.

As the adults with reason, it would be a wise choice to leave the kids at home or with a sitter. The temptation to buy them everything they want is something most mommies have probably experienced so going without them will allow a clearer head and more reasonable, budget-friendly decision making.

2. Extend the season/look in their closet

Rather than immediately buying the kids a whole new school wardrobe, look through what they already have and think of new ways to mix and match. After seeing what they will actually need, pick a few items to buy (if necessary) that will be staples for the school year and focus more on accessories or multi-outfit layers that will keep each outfit new.

3. Online and discount stores

Shopping online can give you some of the greatest deals because there are so many discount code sites out there. Good Morning America also put a helpful list together of price comparisons for all the back to school essentials here.  

Zulily is an amazing site full of deals for babies and kids and some of those deals include clothes and even backpacks!

So many cute back packs out there to choose from! Here are just 3 cute ideas for all ages and styles.

1. Cute kids ideas from Macy’s

2. L.L. Bean

3. Eco Bags

Finally, how can mom take advantage of this new time on her hands? Declutter! Summer doesn’t allow a lot of time for keeping a consistently organized home with the kids running around every day, so take a few days to go through everything and purge all the unnecessary items that can be found in the kids rooms and maybe even yours. get rid of anything you don’t need and make room to organize what you have kept. The organization and cleanliness of your home will be much easier to maintain after you have purged all the unnecessaries.

For more discount and deal sites check out these:

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