Benefits of House Plants

Today is all about house plants! Studies have shown that having certain plants in your home can boost your mood and health, so what are we waiting for!? Indoor plants help clean the air in your home, and add a little freshness to the atmosphere.

I love this string of peals succulent. It’s such a gorgeous addition to a room and because i’ts a succulent, it requires minimal maintenance.

string of pearls

Going Home to Roost 

Huffington Post put together a list of some of the best houseplants and said that “some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air — and they’re also helpful in creating a more relaxing, restful ambiance in any room. We know that spending time in nature is linked to reduced stress levels and relieve tension. In fact, in a 2008 study, Dutch researchers found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms reported lower stress levels than patients without them.”

We are loving Design Sponge‘s selection of the best indoor plants too!

Best House Plants from Design Sponge

You can also check out some recommendations from Southern Living and Sustainable Baby Steps.

Who can say no to clean air and relaxation in the home!? Do you have houseplants already? What are some of your favorites?






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