Bringing Back the Royal Game!

Everything royal has been the buzz with the recent wedding of William and Kate. Women are keeping tabs on the royal newly weds style, habits, vacation spots and more. What about some royal hobbies?

England is no stranger to the modern game of tennis, which originated in Birmingham, England in the late 19th century. It spread quickly through the upper-class English speaking countries. The royal families have taken part in the sport time and time again, and now with the 2011 US Open coming up, maybe it’s time to bring the royal sport back to the spotlight in America!

(clockwise from top left)

1. Boys polo from Gap

2. Girls skort from Old Navy

3. Girls skort from Gap

4. Boys polo from Old Navy

Tennis is a great family sport, to watch or to play so it’s perfect for a family fun physical activity, or a relaxing afternoon in front of the TV. August 29 kicks off the tournament (it continues till September 11) and what better way to get together for an end of summer party excuse? Get together to play some backyard tennis, watch some matches and whip up some goodies in the kitchen!







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