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Christmas is expensive. That’s not a shock to any mom. The day after Thanksgiving we rush to the stores to stock up on gifts, Christmas trees, lights and decor and the credit card starts to look sad and worn.

We have gathered a couple tips to not break the bank this Christmas!

1. Buy strategically.

Try to buy “neutral” decorations that will last you for years. It may seem costly at first, but stick to basic colors and patterns that won’t go out of style will last you for a few Christmas’ to come!

2. DIY it.

Let’s be real, a lot of the Christmas decor that we love we can easily do ourselves. It might even make a fun project for you and the kids! For example, this amazing pinecone garland from west elm is originally 25 a strand! (You will need at least 4-5 to fill an 8 foot tree). That’s $100 for garland!? No way. Find some pinecones or acorns on the ground, or even head to Michaels for a craft pack that you can spray gold and attach to flexible floral wire. Or why not try the old fashioned popcorn garland for fun?

3. Home Goods.

Find your local home furnishings store that sells all the bulk or oversell items from other designers. Home Goods is a great option that has a ton of holiday decorations at affordable prices!


4. Buy Post – Christmas

Wait, don’t you need the decor FOR Christmas? Yes, that’s true, but if you’re able to hold out till after Christmas everything goes on SUPER sale and that is the time to stock up for next year!

5. Chalkboard and Apothecary Jars

Two keys elements to year-round decor! Fill your jars with inexpensive trinkets like jingle bells, or old ornaments. Find berries or birch wood to put in vases and write some festive Christmas quotes on a chalkboard frame!







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