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Fall is on it’s way, so what are the greatest ways to keep a healthy balanced diet going into the season known for it’s delectable delights and decorations? Here are a few ideas that can be fun, easy, tasty and POSH!

The idea of ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ is no foreign concept today. How about reusing food? Left overs aren’t a new idea either, but let’s be honest: most left overs go uneaten. Try creating meals that can easily be turned into something new! For example: left over dinner steaks turned into breakfast burritos or left over spaghetti can be turned into delicious frittatas good for breakfast or lunch!

Keep it basic. Having the basics stocked in your cabinets and refrigerators will allow for a wide variety of fun and healthy dishes for any meal of the day. Look up the days and times for your local farmers market. Not only are you supporting your local growers, but you will get your fruits and veggies fresh and in season! Fresh fruits make for delicious smoothies for any meal or snack and also offer excellent toppings for salads; different rice and pastas can be used for various dishes and vegetables are a great staple to keep stocked for salads, BBQ’s, quick snacks or easy soups!

Bulk preparation. There is nothing wrong with frozen meals, especially when they are made yourself! Consider doubling or tripling recipes where freezing the extra would be appropriate. Set aside the extra to be frozen and warmed up for later lunches or dinners where you may not have as much time to cook it fresh!

Remember: cooking should be fun! Use your imagination to get POSH, creative and resourceful for any meal of the day and with these quick meal ideas, there will be more time in your day for you!






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