Getting (and keeping) The Kids Excited

If you’re lucky, your little ones wake up with energy and excitement at the idea of sitting in a classroom all day, 5 days a week. If you’re like most parents, you probably aren’t that lucky. Whether your boys and girls have a love or hate relationship with school, the best idea is to think of fun ways to keep them excited.

Celebrate their successes and encourage them in their failures. Tara from Always Underfoot made this adorable cake and bunting for her kids after their first week of school. You can read more about her “first week adventures” on her blog as well.

Another great way to get your kids excited about school is being involved. According to, being present in the classroom or in after-school activities is extremely beneficial to your kids’ experience in school. “Your involvement lets your child know that his school is a part of your world, too. More than that, volunteering helps you watch out for your child’s interests.”

Be informed. Give your kids undivided attention at the end of the day to let them tell you all the details of what happened at school.

Bring the lessons home. Discover what your kids are learning, and build on top of it. If you’re kids are learning about wild animals, plan a trip to the zoo. Find out ways that you can continue their interest in a topic by making it personal and familiar at home. As much as possible, try to make your at-home expectations similar to classroom expectations to avoid confusion and encourage consistent behavior. This will make adjusting to school easier.

Read to your kids, read with your kids and read in front of your kids. Showing your kids that reading is enjoyable and something even you do, will help them learn more quickly and hopefully enjoy it too!

Send your kids encouraging notes. Get silly and fun with them, but they will be excited to look for what you have written for them.

Keep a schedule. Routines are great during the school year and will keep everyone happy and knowing what to expect. Decide where your child’s study space or homework area will be. Make the area special for them so doing homework is exciting.

How cute is this idea? This is a fun way of remembering each year so your kids can look back on what they used to enjoy and how much they have grown!

So tell us, what are your favorite things to do for your kids during the school year?







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