Giving Daisy Love

If you live in Southern California, or you follow the surf community, chances are you have hear the name “Merrick”. Al Merrick is the founder of Merrick surfboards and his son Britt is a pastor at a church in Ventura, California.  And if you continue to follow news regarding Britt, you will quickly discover that Britt’s daughter who is 8, was just diagnosed with cancer for the third time. She has already undergone 6 major surgeries, 22 rounds of chemo and 2 courses of radiation.

It has been an incredible story to watch unfold, because the hope and strength displayed in this 8-year-old girl is something that even adults sometimes forget.

This being the third time Daisy has been diagnosed with the same cancer, Britt and his wife Kate decided to seek more “progressive” treatments in additional to the traditional ones. They are spending a few months in Israel to see if these new tests and treatments will produce new results. However, insurance won’t cover all their expenses and they are looking at a half a million dollar bill in the end.

Through reading the blog and seeing regular picture updates and prayers from Kate, you will see a whole new dimension to what it means to be  POSH Mommy. She truly displays what unconditional love a parent has for their child, and the incredible strength that needs to be displayed during times of sorrow and trouble.We love supporting all the moms out there so POSH will be donating 10% of all purchases made for the next few weeks to Daisy Love’s trust fund.

They have set up a website, which will link you to the blog so you can read updates on Daisy’s progress in Israel. Check out POSH Mommy’s site to personalize your piece of jewelry and contribute to Daisy’s treatments. Enter prayfordaisy in the promo code so you can play a part in Daisy’s story.

Cheers to all the POSH Mommy’s out there!






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