Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and maybe you are looking to make some changes to make your home look new. Here are some some design inspirations with easy and inexpensive ways to give your home a fresh look for the new year. (With help from Pinterest and Better Homes and Garden)

Think White: white goes with everything, it looks clean and reflects light making rooms look spacious and welcoming. White is also less expensive for accessories, furniture and paint because retailers make more of that color.

Salvaged Style: consignment furniture stores are your best friend this year. So many trends being seen in places like Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware and other popular home design display that “used” look for a lot of money. Visit thrift stores and second hand furniture places to find your household gems. Use your imagination to envision the way it can be sanded, painted or switched around to match your home and you will save loads of money. Use old doors or windows as bed headboards, Mix match the chairs or find old picnic benches to refurbish and use for your kitchen table (benches can also be space saving because you can push them all the way under the table).

Vintage Charm: Old knick knacks you find at thrift stores, flea markets or estate sales can make great and inexpensive additions to a home. The “worn down” cottage looking kitchen with vintage accents is irresistible.

Efficiency: Turn an old vanity into a bathroom sink, add pullout shelves to your cabinets making everything easily accessible and more organized or purge your home of anything you don’t need to reduce clutter!

Enjoy making your “old” home seem new!







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