Hey Guys. Cheat A Little This Valentine’s Day. I’ll Tell You How.

Alright all you last minute guys out there. You know who you are. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you either haven’t thought about what you’re going to do for your lovely lady yet, or you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, trying to figure out how to make the day special. Lucky for you, I’ve got your back with a little Valentine’s Day help, or rather, cheat sheet. 

On top of that, you’re also probably freaking out on how to implement a successful Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Being a part of the female race, I’m well equipped to administer some advice to you, if you would like it.

Listen up, because here’s a trade secret i’m about to let you in on – women don’t require expensive gifts to be impressed. Seriously, what we want is you! I know, shocking, right? But, yes, really, all your woman wants for Valentine’s Day, unless you’re doing something wrong, is you!

Wait! Don’t go thinking you’re off the hook now, because you most certainly are not.

Valentine’s Day is about love. Romantic love, familial love, friendship love, etc. So it’s a no-brainer to figure out that on this entire day, weekend even, dedicated to celebrating love, that the person in love with you, will really just want to spend time with… you on the special day.

So, that’s what I mean. The absolute, best gift, you could possibly think of to give your honey is simply time spent with you.

Step one in creating an unforgettable, amazing, Valentine’s Day is clearing the entire day for your woman. Of course, if the actual day of Valentine’s Day isn’t available for you to clear your schedule, then pick a different day. Just make sure you communicate to her that you will be celebrating, and let her know when. Unless it’s a surprise, then you’ll have to figure out how to make that work, I would suggest surprising her ahead of time. If not… it’s your funeral, as they say.

Step two is figuring out what you’re actually going to do on this special day. Quite frankly, the options are endless! Especially if you live somewhere with lovely weather! Here’s a quick list of ideas to get you started:

For a beautiful Valentine’s Day, go for a beautiful setting. Google, or ask around, about any “secret spots” in your area. Little secluded spots overlooking the city, or nestled among beautiful trees, anywhere with natural beauty that will enhance the romance of the day! Once you’ve picked out a spot, prepare a picnic. I couldn’t imagine anything more romantic than having a picnic full of delicious foods, with a little champagne, while cuddling up next to my honey. This is a sure-fire way to impress your lady, show her how much she means to you, and not break the bank!

Is your woman adventurous? Then bring her on an adventure! Has she ever mentioned something she’s always wanted to try? For example, stand up paddling. Stand up paddling isn’t as difficult as it looks, and it’s super fun! You can sign up for a quick lesson and rental, usually lasting anywhere between 1-2 hours, for a reasonable price.

Chocolate is always a pathway to a woman’s heart. Take your chocolate game to the next level by bringing a chocolate and wine experience to your lady. Do some quick research on pairing chocolate with wine, buy some chocolates, buy a few types of wine, and then voila! Wine and chocolate are two of the greatest things in existence, so you can’t go wrong. Give a lady her man, some chocolate, and some wine, and you’ve just made it to the best man of the year awards.

Remember all those times your sweetheart begged you to take a yoga class with her? Well now’s your chance to remind her you do actually listen to her, and you do want to try new things with her, and that yes, you would love to watch her, I mean, do yoga with her. Perhaps you could arrange for a private couples yoga class, or if you’re feeling shy, then just go to a regular yoga class. Checkout any hiking + yoga experiences, or yoga on the beach, etc. 

Guys, listen up, your women have probably mentioned hundreds of things they like, and things they’d like to do, throughout the entire year. Pay attention, make a mental note, or better write it down somewhere, and then pull it out for times like this!

Those are just a few ideas to  ignite your imagination. Remember is this is a day about love, and one of the most loving things we can all do is show our loved ones that we appreciate them, value them, listen to them, and above all else, we want to spend time with them!

If your significant other is a mother, then I’m sure you’ve watched her spend tons of time caring for others, and she’ll probably be doing so on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take time out of her day, to show her how loved and appreciated she is!

Earlier I said expensive gifts aren’t the way to a woman’s heart, which is true, but that doesn’t mean most women still don’t enjoy receiving gifts! Think of gifts as the cherry on top. Your Valentine’s Day gift could be anything, homemade gifts and meaningful, cards are my favorite things to receive, because they usually represent such care and thought. Another sweet idea would be a personalized gift. Examples include:

  • Taking a favorite photo of the two of you and having it transferred to wood or metal
  • Personalized jewelry. Could be her initials, both of your initials, or children’s initials, engraved onto a necklace or ring. Or just a gorgeous piece of jewelry to compliment her natural beauty! 
  • Getting her accessories for her interests. Perhaps your lady is a fitness instructor. Pick out some nice workout clothes from her favorite store. Or maybe she’s a businesswoman, get her a nice new briefcase, or whatever accessory she would appreciate and use daily.
  • Sign her up for something that would interest her. Has she mentioned always wanting to go to wine and painting class? Sign her up for one! Does she love super healthy foods? Sign her up to receive a box of locally grown produce once a month. Does she love jewelry and fashion? Sign her up for a VIP club at one of her favorite brands.

Valentine’s Day is a generic holiday, but your loved one isn’t generic in anyway, so your key to a successful day is to focus on the uniqueness of her, what makes her special, what makes her happy, and plan your day, your activities, and your gifts with that in mind. Do that, and you will accomplish the ultimate goal – showering your loved one with love on the one day a year dedicated to that.






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