Keep Off the Winter Coat

Why wait until you have to make a New Years Resolution to get rid of that winter weight, when you can be prepared now? We all know that the next coming months are known for some fabulous holiday celebrations, vacations, family visits and more, but along with that comes some heavy meals and comforting hot drinks to warm us up by the fire place.

It would be of course, a criminal act to deprive ourselves of any of the holiday favorites and let’s be honest, baking non-fat, low carb, all natural, raw alternatives to these favorites probably won’t be crowd pleasers. (Ok, but if you’ve found a recipe that works, SHARE IT!)

Developing the kind of lifestyle that is sustainable year round is the key to keeping that winter coat off, and avoiding the frustration of beach season preparation as the next year rolls around. Dara Torres just spoke with People Magazine recently about some mommy-friendly work outs that are genius ideas for keeping our bodies active all day. (Read full article here). Find different work outs that fit into your lifestyle and schedule and keep it up! It isn’t news that working out isn’t only good for keeping a healthy weight, but it’s important for our physical health too so make sure to not let the crazy holiday schedule get in the way of some good work outs. (Not to mention, work outs are the perfect opportunity to get a quick hour or two of “me” time).

Next on the lifestyle list: portion control! Knowing how difficult it is to completely deprive ourselves of desserts, carbs or other “guilty pleasures”, it is key to learn portion control. Limit yourself to one dessert a week instead of a dessert after every meal, or if that isn’t realistic for you and your family during the holidays, cut yourselves extra small pieces of the dessert being served. Eat smaller portions for main course meals as well and eat slowly. Water is another great trick for avoiding unnecessary snacking. Some studies have shown that often times when we think we are hungry, our bodies are actually in need of water.

Remember, the holidays are for CELEBRATING and ENJOYING. So don’t miss out on that! With the tips above, you can easily implement the kind of eating and exercise lifestyle that will keep you both healthy and happy for ALL seasons! Keep off that winter coat, and buy yourself a new one instead :)

Anthropologie Coat (Of course)







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