Mini & Me Summer Time

Summertime and the living is easy! Don’t we wish! It’s time for you and your mini to get ready for summer with some fresh and adorable items on your wish list. 

Me: Kate Spade Mini: Target Me: TopShop Mini: Nordstrom Me: Urban Outfitters Mini: Zara Mini&Me: Sun Bum Mini: BonLook Me: Warby Parker 

We all know and love a good Kate Spade bag, and of course Top Shop always has to-die-for styles. Sun Bum is a skin protection company that has some great sunscreens and in June will be releasing their Baby Bum line for baby safe sunscreens! They smell great and the branding is too funny!

BonLook’s baby sunglasses line is adorable. They have great eyewear for men and women too and of course, Warby Parker is another eyewear brand worth looking into. They offer inexpensive prescription glasses and sunglasses in current and stylish looks and they are for a great cause! They partner with a non-profit called VisionSpring so for every pair of glasses they sell, they make sure someone in the 15% of the world’s population that can’t see, get’s a pair of glasses. Amazing style for a worthy cause!

What’s on your summer wish list?






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