No Sweetheart? No Problem. Valentine’s Day Is About So Much More

As we near the “big V day,” romance is being thrown into our faces from every possible angle. Commercial after commercial, department stores decked out in celebratory colors, and there’s no chance of venturing to the grocery store without being taunted by magnificent looking boxes of chocolates.

It seems to me that Valentine’s Day might possibly be the most loved and hated holiday in existence, and it’s obvious why that’s the case. Romance. Romantic love, by default has been, and always will be, a polarized topic. When love is going well then life is just a ball of sunshine. When love isn’t going so great, which is the case for some people, life can be a difficult pill to swallow at times. Then, throw in Valentine’s Day propaganda, alongside lovey dovey happy couples, and there’s a recipe for depression.

Except, it doesn’t have to be that way. Romantic love is only one kind of love. Let’s not forget about our little, or big, loves – our children. Or, the people who originally taught us how to love and be loved – our parents. Or ,the people who spoiled us as kids – our grandparents. And, don’t forget your soulmate, you know who I mean, the best friend who has been finishing your sentences for years. Your super supportive co workers, the sweet neighbors that are always helpful, your inspirational yoga instructor. I mean the list goes on and on.

Our everyday lives are filled with all sorts of love, and my goal this holiday season is to find ways to show my gratitude for all of the loves in my life.

Consider this – how can adults be expected to know how to give and receive love, if they weren’t taught by example? Shower your children with extra love on Valentine’s Day! Not only will my kids get some overdoses of mama lovin’ on the big day, but I also have some sweet surprises in store for my husband. That way my kids will be reminded of how well-loved they are, and they’ll see a strong example of a loving partnership.

Feeling shy about expressing your love and gratitude towards all those around you? Don’t be! Spreading a little more love in the world will only make it a better place. Here are a few quick and simple ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Baking. It’s a tried and true practice. Everyone enjoys receiving delicious goods, especially home-made! 
  • Crafting. Another obvious choice, but a great one! Good old-fashioned homemade valentines are a great way to spread holiday cheer without spending unnecessary money. Pinerest is a great place to visit for ideas! Some of my favorite little crafts are:
    • Homemade coupon book. For example, a book of adventure coupons for my best friend. “This coupon entitles you to one sunrise hike.” This is a great way to remind your bestie that you want to spend as much time as possible with her despite both of your busy schedules.
    • Decorating mason jars and filling them up with sweet treats.
    • Recycling wine bottles and turning them into pretty vases with flowers!

Another great gift idea is gifting an experience. For example, maybe your parents favorite Opera is in town, giving them tickets to see the show would make them ecstatic I’m sure! Or, perhaps your best friend has been hitting the gym extra hard lately, and is in need of a massage. A gift certificate for a massage would be the perfect gift! Homemade, or store bought, big or small, there are millions of ways to express your love and gratitude.

With the big day just around the corner, it’s time to kick it into high-gear to get ready to go around spreading happiness all day. I can’t wait to surprise all of my loved ones with sweet tokens on Valentine’s Day, and I hope that whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship, you’re able to give and receive love this Valentine’s season!

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