Summer Make-Up Trends index

Isn’t it great to talk about summer? It’s finally time to get our bronze on, and by bronze I mean bronzer because of course we are using our SPF :)

It isn’t rare to see new and interesting runway fashions popping up every season and that includes what designers are doing with make up. We decided to do some of the sifting for all you POSH mommies and find the perfect summer style that is perfect for every day or easy to spruce up for a fun night out.

This look is to die for. It is all about natural and nude this summer. Nude shades have been making a comeback from lipsticks to nail polish and for a good reason! It is such an elegant and easy look without looking too over done. Use this picture as inspiration for the golden smokey eyes and nude lips for an easy day to night transition.

Green Wedding Shoes also shared a great tutorial for hair and make up.

Product ideas:

  • try MAC gold fusion eyeshadow on your eyes
  • if you don’t like wearing lipstick, or can’t find a good nude color, find a lip conditioner that will add a glow to your natural color
  • switch over to brown mascara; it will keep your lashes lengthened by providing a more subtle look

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their summer!!






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