Summer Style Trends

I am LOVING this year’s Summer trends. They are so effortless, comfortable and great for all body types and styles. Here are the four of the top trends happening this summer so you can fill your closets appropriately!

Rompers- Rompers have been going in and out, and it’s a great look for a hot day or even a day to evening transition with a switch of accessories!

1. Urban Outfitters

2. Tobi

High/Low- A great whimsical look that is flattering on everyone!

1. Anthropologie

2. Anthropologie

Cut it Out- Cut outs started showing up a little last year and are big in a lot of designs now. They make a simple dress a little sexier and fun! Lauren Conrad’s blog has a great article on cut out’s!

Accordion Pleats- Something about this detail is so addicting. It adds a vintage touch to outfits and is a great way to make simple statements!

1. Tobi

2. Urban Outfitters

3. Anthropologie

Tell us what your favorite summer trend is!







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