Top 5 Fitness Trends index

Isn’t it great that there are constantly new techniques being perfected in the fitness world!? As time goes on there are more and more options to get in that important exercise, which is so great for targeting everyone’s special interests and body types! If simply taking a run around the block, or hitting up the gym just aren’t cutting it for you, here are 5 of the greatest fitness trends happening now! Just in time to start thinking about beach season ;)

Pure Barre– Pure Barre is pure awesome. This workout uses a ballet bar to perform small isometric movements which are great for burning, toning and are safe for your joints because not a lot of jumping is involved.

Zumba-Zumba is way too fun. It is such a great way to just dance it out and know that it is worth it! This is a great cardio centered dance workout to do with your girlfriends!

Spinning- Spin classes are on the rise again and for a good reason! Riding bikes is a great cardio workout and really focuses on the legs and endurance.

Boot camps-Boot camps are becoming more popular and are a great way to get your butt kicked. There are so many different boot camp programs out there (private or corporate) that give a great alternative to weight training at the gym.

Yoga- Yoga may not be the highest calorie burning workout, but it is great for relaxation, flexibility and bone health. I would recommend trying out Bikram’s Yoga every once and awhile to throw some heat in to the workout.

Have fun with your workouts!






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