Which Loop is Perfect for Her?

A circle is the ancient symbol of wholeness and peace. It also represents the special relationship we have with our loved ones which is why our wedding rings are a symbol of our marriage and love. Our Loops hold a special meaning to us as well, the symbol of the love we have for our babies. Find out which Loop is perfect for Mom to represent the love she has for her littles. Start by choosing your size based on how many names you would like engraved and then from there dazzle with birthstones, accessorize with charms or back stamp with the sweetest message.

Wee Loop is the smallest of our three loop sizes and can hold up to 3 names and birthstones.

When creating your loops, remember you have the option of adding a backstamp to your loop. We can engrave in between the stones birthdays, wedding dates or even messages such as “Happy Mother’s Day!” or “We love you mommy!”

Our POSH Loop is the middle size and the celebrity favorite. It can hold up to 5 names and birthstones.

Forever Loop is the largest loop! It can hold up to 6 names and birthstones.

Accessorize your loop with a charm dangled from the center ring to create a look owned by you and full of meaning!

Need more than 6 names or want to include the middle names! No problem! Our Forever & Wee Loop Combo will hold up to 9 names and stones! Perfect for Grammy!

Have your size picked out? Choose from two different type of fonts: our posh lowercase or Tanner. Add blackening for a bolder statement.






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