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New Year, New trends! Shape Magazine came out with 13 of the greatest fitness trends to watch out for in the new year and we have highlighted a few here for you! This year it is all about personalization, accessibility and individuality.

-Online workout videos are expected to be on the rise this year. There is no shortage of them already, but personal trainers will be making them more accessible since many people don’t have time to go to the gym. More websites such as YogaGlo,StreamFIT, and SpiroFit, will start offering live streaming workouts and classes.

-Focus on flexibility and mobility will be on the rise as well. Having a healthy body is a lot more than just strength and endurance. Especially as aging starts to become an issue, focusing on joints and stretching becomes increasingly important. You will start to find a lot more classes other than yoga and Pilates incorporating this into their workouts.

-Cross disciplining involves mixing two styles of training into one workout. For example, yoga and paddleboarding or Pilates and boxing. Blending intense workouts with more “soothing” ones create more variety as well as an option to meet everyone’s unique needs.

-People are taking it to the streets again! There isn’t always a need to have equipment or spend money on a gym. Going for a run outside or practicing the “old-school” exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups etc…can be done anywhere, anytime! “They’re dynamic, can be performed faster than lifting dumbbells or a barbell, and increase both strength and endurance.” Going on hikes, for a swim, rock climbing or other “primal” activities will become more popular!

This is a great goal and especially as gyms become more workout/genre specific, an equal emphasis on diet and exercise will be taking place. If you aren’t a member at a work out specific gym, or you’re not a member at a gym at all, consider getting an accountability partner so you can both focus on diet and workout. One is not complete with the other!

Tell us, what are your favorite work outs for the upcoming year?






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