Year Long Loving

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean the lovin’ has to stop! We all know after a long day at work or with the kids, sometimes you just want to throw yourself into the bath or into bed and detox your mind and body. As healthy as that is, we have to remember to take care of our marriage too! Here are 4 ideas, that we think are the perfect way to love your spouse all year long!

1. Date Nights

Scheduling date nights? Doesn’t that take the fun out of it? No! Scheduling a date night gives you something to look forward to during a busy and stressful week. Setting aside a specific day every week, or every other week for you and your spouse to have alone time, out of the house is a great way to reconnect. Whether you are doing something relaxing and romantic or fun and childish, it’s healthy to have some adult time to laugh, cry and discuss all the details of each others lives!

Love this idea from Bloved Weddings for date night cards. Another great idea is to write date ideas on 3 different colored papers, one color for “on a budget” one color for “a night out” and another color for “splurge”. Get creative and write as many ideas as you can think of, put them in a jar and pull one out on your date night!

date night cards

2. Love Notes

Love notes are one of the easiest way to say I Love You! Write it on the mirror, stick a post it in their car, hide it in their briefcase … so many options for a sweet surprise.

love notes

We love this idea of writing something down every day about your spouse (something you love, something you enjoyed doing with them on that day, a hope for the future) and putting them in a jar or a notebook to give to them at the end of the year! What a great way to look back on the great memories from the year.

3. Discover Their Love Language

Well now it just sounds like therapy. But let’s be real, therapists know what they are talking about! Buy the book 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and your eyes just might be opened. A brief 30 question quiz will reveal to you the ways that you feel loved the most. Discovering the way your spouse feels the most loved will help the both of you love each other better and more often! The book is an easy read that dives into each of the ways you can love and some of the challenges that come with not sharing the same love language.

5 love languages

4. Sex

*gasp*! Yes. Sex. Love it or hate it, our husbands need it! It really is one of the easiest ways to love your husband all year round, not just on special occasions and chances are, your marriage will thrive if your sex life is! There really isn’t a better way to experience intimacy with your spouse and when you are loving your man in this way, chances are, you might start seeing him loving you better too! (We are not, of course, advocating that you use sex as a tool, only making the observation that if you want someone to love you well, you might start off by loving THEM well!).

Loving your spouse year ’round will give you both the strength and teamwork needed to love your kids well too, so it is a win all around. How are you going to love your husbands all year long?






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