Your Get Away Cheat Sheet

Whether you are looking to get away this Christmas season, or you are planning a 2012 get away, it’s a good idea to be prepared and know where to find the best deals!

Here are some great travel sites to follow to keep an eye on upcoming deals and to make sure you are getting the best possible prices on flights, hotels, rentals etc…

1. TravelZoo

2. Jetsetter

3. Vacationist

4. Sniqueaway

All these sites require that you “sign up” for their e-mails and trust me, at one point it will be worth it. They will e-mail you about flight packages, specials and a wide variety of great deals to be in the know about.

These two sites are also great references. They feature news about different events, locations, hotels etc…all around the world so you can be up to date about where to travel and what to look for!


Forbes Travel

Of course, if you are getting ready to travel, make sure you are doing it in style! Here are 4 must haves for a POSH Mommy on vacation.

1. Carry On-This Navajo Indian inspired print is really in right now, and this bag off Etsy is completely realistic for stuffing items into your carry-on bag.

2. Passport Case-It’s so easy to lose a passport and other important documents, and those are things you definitely want to know exactly where they are. This case will make sure you don’t have your passport lose in your purse, and it’s adorable.

3. Vintage Luggage-Ok, so many vintage luggage isn’t the most practical form of travel (compared to all the fancy luggages out there today), but they are too awesome to pass up. They work just as well as any other luggage AND they look fabulous.

4. Cozy Coat-Help make your travels comfortable with this cute and cozy hoodie from Anthropologie. It will make the trip, long or short, a little more enjoyable.

Happy traveling!







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